The single HINOKI (Japanese Cypress)plate counter

The single Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) plate counter is the one of the best our woods of Wood Gallery GENBOKU.

Owner of Wood Gallery GENBOKU recommends with the confidence all his natural single Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) plate

which is an age of the 200 years to 400 years including Kiso Hinoki.  


We are particular about natural drying because of keeping the color, the gloss and the wooden oil.

We believe that natural trees have the original beauty and power.


There are a lot of orders from sushi bars, Japanese restaurants  and interior design offices for our woods.

We have the most biggest single Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) plate in Japan.


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Our Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) have very beautiful grain and unknotted.

If you look at our real Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), you will be surprised at the beauty.

We also have a lot of various size of wood in stock.


Japanese Natural Wooden Cutting Board  (Hinoki Straight Grain)

We have cutting boards made of Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) that are very beautiful grain and natural fragrance.

These are gentle knives and help them sharp for longer.

We can also make a custom-made Hinoki cutting boards with large size.

There are favorite among Sushi Chefs and knife experts.